Our aim is to organise international solidarity with the oppressed and exploited and their struggles in Greece and to defend them against persecution and repression by the State, the „deep“ State and Capital. For the time being we will focus on two concrete struggles – the resistance of locals from the Halkidiki peninsula and antiauthoritarian and autonomous people from other regions altogether against the gold mining project in Skouries and the struggle of the workers of the occupied and self-managed VIO.ME factory in Thessaloniki. We claim support to these struggles both politically and materially: We will run a counter-information campaign and raise funds in order to cover legal costs caused by the harsh repression by the Greek state. As antiauthoritarians we support those involved on the grassroots level in these struggles and reject any attempt from the part of the state, left-wing parties and their affiliated organisations, NGOs and other bureaucrats to mediate, curb, co-opt and, at the end of the day, sabotage them. In concrete terms, we will:

# organise benefit parties and concerts
# collect donations
# run a regularly updated blog and issue information leaflets
# organise information events
# take part in information events organised by comrades

As for the donations, we will accept financial solidarity as long as this does not entail any conditions (e.g. mentioning the donors, signing some papers, backing their political agenda) and as long as the donors don‘t use their donation in order to ‚blackredwash‘ their organisation, i.d. to present themselves publicly as being so close to and supportive of grassroots movements (e.g. through announcements of political parties, NGOs, international State-backed organisations)

The three upcoming trials:

1. An appeal for the annulment of a judgment rendered in favor of the sale of the factory, which is being tried on *November 16, 2015*. The appeal is against the decision (No. 8090 / 05.29.2015) of the First Instance Court of Thessaloniki which upheld the application for a license sale of the factory plant, submitted by the lawyer of the bankruptcy of Filkeram. The appeal in this case does not have suspension effect, since there is judicial/legal authorization for the auctioning of the factory and we are simply waiting for an auction date to be set.

2. An appeal for annulment of the decision No. 7695 / 05.25.2015 of the pluri-member Court of Thessaloniki which held inadmissible -due to lack of legal personal self-interest- the opposition of workers and their appeal to cancel the bankruptcy of VioMe. Hearing date will be set during the week.

3. An appeal to cancel the decision No. 13983 / 06.29.2015 of the FirstInstance of Thessaloniki which dismissed the oppositions of workers by which they asked the mother company Filkeram for wages and owed to the workers of the Filkeram filial VioMe (due to the removal of legal status). Hearing date will be set during the week. Estimated legal costs: 500 Euro each (1500 Euro), urgently needed: 500 Euro Background

Movie about VIO.ME (2013)