Über uns und Kontakt

The group was formed in 2009 in Dresden (Saxony, Germany) in order to help imprisoned people after the NATO-summit in Strasbourg. Out of this an awareness for repression and european security architecture grew. The group focused on state repression and the effect this has on social movements and organized lectures and discussions.

For some years Out of Control became more active in the streets and participated in different mobilizations. E.g. european-wide anti-austerity mobilization M18, refugee protests and occupations, solidarity actions for Rojava and mass mobilization against the opening of the ECB.

Current discussions are about a criticism on and a new form for internationalism. Besides this we are building up an internationalist center in order to have an equilibrium between theory and practice, to be organized in the neighbourhood and to have a concrete place to organize ourselves.

Since September the group is part of a local confederal structure joining the “Ums Ganze”-alliance, a libertarian communist network that is organized nation-wide and beyond.

contact and questions:

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